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Interlegis is a specialised law firm in Belgium focusing on Technology and Innovation. We serve clients worldwide. As a client, you enjoy both our experience and knowledge of the business world and our outstanding legal expertise, acquired in the world’s best academic institutions.

For legal excellence in Technology and Innovation, there is one obvious choice.
Choose Interlegis.

Interlegis operates in all areas of law touching on Technology and Innovation, in the broad sense. This ranges from ICT law, Internet law (including Social Media Law), the law concerning Privacy and Data (including GDPR), E-commerce law, Intellectual Property (including trademark law, patent law), to crypto currencies, NFT, and blockchain. Finally, we focus on Mergers and Acquisitions by assisting entrepreneurs, companies, and organisations in Technology and Innovation.

Interlegis is there for you as wise and experienced counsel. From the moment you contact us, and throughout the life cycle of your business, investment, or project. We like to build a relationship of trust where excellence, transparency, efficiency and flexibility are some of our core values.

If you also choose legal excellence, contact us for a discussion through virtually via any app (MS Teams, Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, …) or with a physical meeting.

You are most welcome. We work closely with you and are constantly by your side, so that your business, project, or investment will be a success.

About Interlegis

I founded Interlegis with only one goal in mind: to provide legal excellence to entrepreneurs, investors, companies, organisations, and governments active in Technology and Innovation.

After about eight years of experience in ICT at IBM and Dell Technologies, I went to law school and specialised in legal academia at the very highest level. I received my intellectual and scholarly training at a Grand Slam of top universities (Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Leiden, Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, Jerusalem, KU Leuven, VUB). I then became a researcher and obtained a PhD in International Law. Subsequently, I became a tutor and lecturer at the universities of both Oxford and Cambridge.

At PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hasselt, I bridged theory to practice; I teach International & European Law, and soon Social Media Law. At Interlegis, I combine my deep understanding of the business of Technology and Innovation with academic excellence in law.

Interlegis stands by your side as experienced and efficient counsel, not just for a single transaction or deal, but throughout the life cycle of your business and/or investment.

Werner-Édouard de Saeger van Nattenhaesdonck

Attorney-at-law & founder Interlegis

Our expertise

Legal services


We assist you regarding legal issues and contracts in the broad sense in ICT. These include contracts for software development, database law, licensing agreements, outsourcing, Service Level Agreements, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contracts.


We advise you regarding Internet law and your business activities online, including Social Media Law. What can and cannot be done over the internet is in constant evolution. We assist you as an entrepreneur or company when the most diverse situations arise related to your online activities, ranging from domain name grabbing to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms on the internet.


The introduction of the GDPR revolutionised privacy law. As your DPO (Data Protection Officer), we assist you from drafting to implementing your privacy policy and data architecture. We advise on your legal procedures with regards to data and privacy and assist you in case of data breaches and procedures.


We are happy to help you with your e-commerce contracts, sales conditions, model forms, and right of withdrawal.

We take care of the entire legal framework concerning web shops and online transactions.


We protect your trademark, company and product name, drawings, inventions; we arrange your patents and patents. We advise you on copyright, trade names, and trade secrets. Of course, we are there to conduct the necessary proceedings to enforce your intellectual rights.

Crypto · Blockchain · NFT

We offer an exceptional solution for investors and potential investors in crypto currencies, as well as legal advice on NFTs and Blockchain. For crypto investments, we offer the Crypto Legal Scan, a package you can easily order, exclusively for private investors: for €950 (excluding VAT), we will do a legal check on your investment or potential investment. This way, you can proceed without any worries and you can be sure, at least on a legal level, that you have not been or will not be scammed.

Order your Crypto Legal Scan by sending a message to weds@interlegis.be.